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Whenever I come across something useful, I like to write blog posts about it. This helps me to learn and have a reference to come back to. Kind of like taking notes. You may occasionally find something useful here.

Next.js Eslint configuration with vscode

Learn how to configure ESLint with vscode for usage with Next.js

Sat Nov 06 2021

Next.js Authentication with next-auth and Prisma

Learn how to setup a Next.js application with authentication using next-auth.

Sun Sep 26 2021

Next.js Data Fetching Methods Explained

All of the data fetching methods Next.js has to offer, explained. When to use different data fetching methods in Next.js.

Thu Jul 08 2021

Fetching Youtube Channel Information and Videos using Youtube API.

Learn how to fetch Youtube channel information and all uploads with the Youtube API.

Sun Mar 21 2021

Next.js, Typescript and ESLint Starter Configuration.

Follow the steps laid out in this article to have a Typescript and ESLint configured starter template.

Sun Mar 21 2021

React Toast Component and Custom Hook using Tailwindcss.

This blog post is about creating a custom toast component that works with tailwindcss.

Sat Mar 20 2021

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