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Code Snippets: A place where I will drop my most frequently used code snippets for easy access. Feel free to use any of the snippets in your own projects.

UseSWR prefetch, pagination and search example.

Code for prefetching and statically generating a page then taking over with useSWR for pagination and search on client side.

Tue Aug 17 2021

Graphql Server in Next.js Route

Code drop for creating a graphql server in a Next.js Application route.

Tue May 04 2021

Add Fathom analtics to Next.js website

Code for adding Fathom to Next.js website

Wed Mar 24 2021

All the MDX functionality required for a Blog with JSX components.

Code drop for functionality required to create a Markdown Blog with JSX components.

Mon Mar 22 2021

Fetching Videos and statistics from Youtube.

Code drop for fetching statistics and videos from Youtube.

Mon Mar 22 2021

Uploading Images to Amazon S3 using a Next.js API route and React

Code drop for uploading Images to Amazon S3 using Next.js API route and React using pre-signed URLs

Mon Mar 22 2021

Next.js, Javascript and ESLint configuration.

Code drop for my current ESLint, prettier configuration

Sun Mar 21 2021

Tailwind CSS Dark Prose Config

Code drop for a Tailwind CSS dark prose class to extend Tailwind Typography

Sun Mar 21 2021

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