Adam Richardson

Hi, I'm Adam.

I'm a self taught programmer with around 10 years of experience.

I recently launched this website and a Youtube channel which will be used to share code and teach building full stack websites from real applications that we're working on. Below you will see my tech stack which is what you can expect to see courses on in the very near future.

I use other frameworks and tech for smaller side projects and experimenting for fun, however this is my main stack and what I believe I can teach to a good level to help aspiring developers.


I run a development agency Zoeble Website Design and Development.

Lots of the projects that you see on my Youtube channel will be based from work that we are doing in the agency.



I've been working with React for a number of years now and will use it for pretty much every project. Next.js is my favourite React framework and I use Tailwindcss for styling websites. For smaller individual projects I will use Javascript over Typescript.


This one is dependant on the project and this changes quite a lot. For simple projects I've used a lot of headless CMS's and I feel my favourite is Sanity. I enjoy using Strapi and Keystone too.

For more complex integrations I would integrate with my own database via an API. I've extensively used MySQL and Postgres, along with Mongodb and Firebase Firestore. For data that isn't heavily relational I would probably opt for either Firebase or Mongodb depending on complexiy. For relational data I would definitely go with Postgres.

Full Stack

This is what I will default to for larger applications.

  • Next.js
  • Typescript
  • I really love using Typescript on larger codebases/projects, especially when working with others.

  • Tailwindcss
  • Express Server (Experimenting on solely using Next API routes on current project"
  • The current project we're working on is built with Next.js API routes solely. This is actually working very well with next-auth and Prisma.

  • Postgres (AWS)
  • Postgres DB hosted on AWS RDS.

  • AWS S3 - Image/Video Storage
  • Prisma - ORM
  • Huge huge fan of Prisma and I'm confident using this in production projects now. Developer experience is top notch for larger scale projects and being fully typed is amazing for larger projects.

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